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We provide a platform that nurtures and guides women of all age groups throughout their wellness and health journey.

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PunyaHealth is here for you with an objective to provide a platform that enables you to make
an informed healthcare decision at every stage of your life.


Are you 13 - 20

Women of this age group are more vulnerable to health-risks that need better healthcare decision making.

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Are you 21 - 35

Health problems affecting women in their 20’s need proper guidance, care, and the right selection of doctors & clinics.

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Are you 36 - 45

Risk of health issues and related problems vary widely, with the advancement of age. True guidance can only help overcome those.

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Are you 46 - 55

Many women of this age are affected by obesity and other related issues. An informed healthcare decision is needed.

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Are you 56 - 65

These women are mostly affected by lifestyle and other healthcare factors where the right decision can shape up her health.

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Are you 66 & above

Women at this age face a variety of health conditions and need utmost care and healthcare attention.

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Why PunyaHealth?

PunyaHealth is one of the best platforms to provide reliable guidance towards your healthcare journey. Through our informative videos, we intend to enhance your knowledge and help you make an informed decision.

Authentic & reliable healthcare guidance

PunyaHealth specializes in providing authentic and reliable guidance to its patients and helps them find the best treatment.

Connects with best of health experts

We provide you with a platform where you can connect with the best of industry health experts.

Focusses on women of all age groups

We provide complete women-centric healthcare solutions focusing on all age groups with (and) their different health issues.


One-stop healthcare solution for women

PunyaHealth is the pioneer in providing affordable yet credible healthcare solution to women in all aspects, be it primary care, beauty care or super specialty care. It enables and encourages women in making educated health choices

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We are here to provide you with utmost care, by helping you find the best cure, with the best of industry
experts and inspire you along your healthcare journey.

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  • Includes 3 adult consultations
  • 60 complete video/audio consultations

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