Are You 21-35?

Your body is prepared for pregnancy and a lot of changes that are about to happen. It is essential to be ready for those unpredictable changes and seek medical assistance whenever possible.

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Your lifestyle changes with every little change in your body. Take a look at some of the significant issues that you might face between 21 – 35 years.


Diabetes has emerged as one of the prominent health issues among women in their late twenties. The reasons are many, but it is essential to get medical attention at the right time before things start getting worse. Whether changes in your diet choices or fitness regimen, do everything to control the risk of diabetes.

One of the important things that you need to do is learn about the risk factors of diabetes. It is vital to remain aware of the issue to find the right solution. PunyaHealth will be providing you with all the necessary resources to get acquainted with diabetes and its consequences. We also offer you online consultation with the specialist to know more about diabetes.

Don’t let diabetes take a toll over your general well being, take action right now, and steer clear from all the risk factors of diabetes.

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This section talks about the general stories of pregnant women and offers information, tips, and precautions on a safe and healthy pregnancy.


Life Stages: Read on Most Common Health Issues by Age

At various stages of life, women face various health issues and it can range from primary skin and hair problems, general gynae to risks like breast cancer, and bone impairment.

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