Janisthaa Fertility And IVF Centre
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Janisthaa Fertility And IVF Centre - Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore

Established in 2019

  • Available Today : Yes

  • 5.0

  • NA

  • 1 Doctors

Why Janisthaa Fertility And IVF Centre

  • Comfortability

    We offer compassionate, patient-centric and research-based first class care.

  • Transparency

    Our aim is to help even more people gain access to fertility expertise and impartial advice.

  • State of the art IVF lab

    We use world class, state of the art technology & equipments to ensure the best of results.

Success Rates
IVF: 55%
IUI: 15%
Surrogacy: 0%

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Janisthaa Fertility And IVF Centre Availability


1st Floor, #353, 354A, Below Talwarkars Gym After Shri Rajeshwari Tower, 8th Main Rd, Basaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560079


Mon - Sat

09:00 AM - 07:00 PM



Services in Janisthaa Fertility And IVF Centre

  • Intra-Uterine Insemination

  • In-Vitro Fertilization

  • Infertility Evaluation / Treatment

  • Hysteroscopy

  • Infertility Treatment

  • High-Risk Pregnancy

  • PCOD

  • Sexual Problems

  • Normal Vaginal Delivery

  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

  • Pregnancy Care & Consultation

  • Laparoscopy Surgery

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Gynecological Disorders

Doctors in Janisthaa Fertility And IVF Centre

Dr. Shwetha Y Baratikkae - Gynecologist
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Dr. Shwetha Y Baratikkae

M.B.B.S. , D.G.O. , D.N.B. , (O.B.G.) , F.I.R.M

14 years experience


  • INR 500

  • Available Today : Yes

  • 5.0

Janisthaa Fertility And IVF Centre Reviews



My husband was facing low motility and we started searching for hospitals and fertility centers that could solve our problem. But we couldn’t find the right one for us as we were new to this sort of thing. We came across Punya Health and they has all the details that we needed to make a choice. Their counsellor also guided us and helped us to find the perfect clinic for us and that’s how we came to Janisthaa. Dr Shwetha Pramodh is very experienced and easily approachable. She was quick to respond to our needs. She took us through the entire process and was very patient with us. We started the treatments and I conceived within 6 months. All thanks to Punya Health and Janisthaa

8 months ago


Solution for all your health problems

I had severe PCOS condition and it had shattered my dreams of becoming a mother. We had consulted many hospitals but all the results were negative. Finally, punya health came to our rescue. We came to know that they had fertility centers that treated my condition and they had many success stories too. Thank you for making my dreams of becoming a mother come true

8 months ago

More About Janisthaa Fertility And IVF Centre Basaveshwaranagar

Janisthaa Fertility Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients struggling with infertility and other reproductive endocrinology problems. They offer a full range of infertility diagnostic testing and assisted reproductive technologies including IVF. Their fertility experts and staff are dedicated to giving you the highest level of care and compassion. Janisthaa Fertility center, Bangalore, use personalized and proven approach to provide both comprehensive and consistent planning toward the diagnosis and treatment of gynaecologic and fertility issues.

Janisthaa Fertility center is an innovative, leading regional health system dedicated to advancing the health and transforming the lives of the people. They serve through excellent clinical quality, accessible, patient-centered, caring service, and unmatched physician and employee commitment.

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Amenities & facilities
  • IVF Lab
  • Andrology Laboratory
  • Major and Minor Operation Theatres
  • Scan Room
  • Counseling Room
  • Semen Collection Room
  • Inpatient Wards

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