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Published on 12 Jul 2020


Colposcopy: overview, reasons, and procedure



Colposcopy is a simple procedure that thoroughly examines the cervix, vagina, and vulva to detect any abnormality. It is usually recommended by doctors if they find any anomalies in your pap smear test results or find an abnormal growth of cells in your vagina.

Reasons for Colposcopy


Colposcopy is generally recommended by gynecologists if they find any genital warts or any unnatural growth in the region. The presence of unnatural cells in the genital region might also trigger your doctor to recommend a Colposcopy. Inflammations in the cervix is another reason for this procedure. Sometimes, when an abnormal culture of cells is observed, doctors may recommend a biopsy, to detect whether it needs treatment or not.

How to Prepare for the procedure


A Colposcopy is a simple procedure and needs a few preparations that are very essential for the test to work successfully. If these preparations are not taken in mind, the doctor can postpone the test.

Avoid scheduling the procedure during your periods. Though the procedure can be done during this time, some doctors might reschedule your appointment as the results might not come accurately.

Let your doctor know if you are pregnant. A Colposcopy can’t be done during pregnancy as it might cause damage to the growing fetus or the internal environment in which it is growing. Make sure your doctor knows about it. Usually, doctors reschedule the appointments in these scenarios and place it a few months after the baby is born.

Avoid having vaginal intercourse. Doctors recommend stopping vaginal intercourse for at least two days before the appointment for Colposcopy. Vaginal intercourse may distress the inner tissues and hamper the test results.

Prevent using vaginal hygiene products. If you are used to intimate washes, douches or personal lubricants, then avoid using them for at least two days before the test is scheduled.

Refrain from using any vaginal medications.

Do not use tampons for 48 hours before the test, in case you have your period, use a gentle pantyliner instead.

Your doctor might prescribe a pain reliever before the procedure to make sure you experience less pain. Make sure you take it at the scheduled time.

Most women experience anxiety before the Colposcopy test fearing the procedure and the results. Anxiety has shown to cause more pain during the procedure. Do not overthink about the procedure and make sure you get enough sleep the day before.

Colposcopy is essential to make sure your vaginal health is alright. Do not hide any symptoms from your doctor as it might lead to inadequate treatment.