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Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy implantation?

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Published on 15 May 2019

Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy implantation

Implantation process

What is implantation?

Implantation is the stage of pregnancy at which the embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining. In most cases, the implantation starts 9 days after the ovulation. Implantation makes it possible for the embryo to receive oxygen and other vital nutrients which are necessary for its nourishment. It is an early sign of pregnancy and is accompanied by various symptoms which are discussed below.

What are the signs and symptoms of implantation pregnancy

1) Implantation bleeding or spotting:- It is one of the main symptoms of implantation and probably an accurate sign of pregnancy. This is a sign that the embryo has embedded itself into the uterine lining. It is accompanied by light bleeding or spotting which generally occurs before the period. The bleeding is not as heavy as the period bleeding and is pinkish without formation of clots.

2) Cramping:- This is similar to period cramping but the cramps are milder and less painful. Pain is caused due to the constant contraction of the uterine wall and is evident in the back and lower abdomen. If the cramps become severe and unbearable, it is advisable to seek medical help.

3) Increase in body basal temperature (BBT):-The body basal temperature rises during the ovulation due to increased production of progesterone and remains at peak during implantation. Women should regularly track their body temperatures as it can signal towards pregnancy.

4) Changes in breasts:- After implantation, the body goes in a state of constant change. The breasts become sore, tender and experiences swelling. It is due to the change in hormone levels after conception.

5) Food cravings:- The hormonal changes during implantation results in sudden food cravings in women. There might be an aversion to foods which she does not usually eat. This can be attributed to the production of hormones during the implantation period.

6) Frequent urination:- within a week of implantation, the urge to urinate increases. The body undergoes a lot of changes to make room for the baby. This puts added pressure on the bladder resulting in increased urination.

7) Hot flashes:- Hot flashes occur due to rapidly fluctuating hormone levels and is usually a less common sign of implantation.

8) Cervical mucous:- The rise in progesterone levels leads to swelling of the cervix and triggers production of more cervical mucous. The mucous often looks pinkish or brownish due to the presence of blood

While all the mentioned symptoms might signal towards an implantation pregnancy, it is better to get tested to be sure of the results.