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What You Need To Know About Fertility Blood Tests?

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Published on 27 May 2019

What You Need To Know About Fertility Blood Tests

What You Need To Know About Fertility Blood Tests

In order to measure the hormone level in your body, it is important to carry out a fertility blood test and it is going to be the first test that your doctor is going to recommend you to take in case you have trying but have not been able to conceive from a very long time. A blood test basically tells you about the all the hormonal causes due to which you are facing fertility issues. It is taken at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, i.e. days 2 and 5 and measures the level of the hormones such as FSH, oestradiol, LH, and prolactin. It is an easy way if you want to identify the main reason behind the inability of getting pregnant and it is enough to tell you the underlying root cause behind the issue.

This blood test is conducted along with a semen analysis which makes it clear to the doctor whether the infertility is due to the problem in males or females. There are a number of blood tests that can be conducted to find out the following-

          1.       LH and FSH levels

The ratio of LH to FSH will allow your doctor to find out whether or not you are suffering from PCOS. The ratio of LH to FSH should ideally be 1:1. However, if the level of LH is more than double of FSH, then, it will indicate a hormonal imbalance in the body thereby indicating the presence of PCOS.

          2.       Prolactin levels

The level of prolactin can be determined at any given time of the menstrual cycle and if the levels are abnormally high, it indicates problems in ovulation.

          3.       Ovarian reserve testing

Women who are looking for treatments such as IVF are advised to undergo this type of testing. It can be assessed either with the FSH levels or with the help of an AMH test. The ovarian reserve can help the doctors identify how well you will be able to respond to the medicines that will be given to you in order to stimulate your ovaries for IVF.

Blood fertility test is the first step which should be taken if you want to identify what the actual problem is. So, if you haven’t gone for, now is the time.