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Overview of infertility

The emotional pain and agony can be immense for a couple who have been trying to conceive a baby for a long time. Medically, if you cannot conceive after trying for one year and no birth control was used in this period, then the couple can be considered infertile.

Infertility is a rather common issue. Note that infertility is not an issue of women only, men can be infertile too. If you, as a couple cannot conceive, both the partners should consult a doctor and get tests done to see what is causing infertility. Here is an overview of infertility among couples.

Causes of male infertility

Male infertility can be a result of various factors. One of the common reasons is low sperm count or abnormal sperm count. Other causes of infertility include testicular problems, prostate problems or other sexual problems, history of cancer treatment, or a genetic history of infertility issues within the family.

Causes of female infertility

Women can face infertility issues due to various physiological reasons. Hormonal misbalance, a structural defect in the uterus or cervix, obstructed Fallopian tubes; low egg count, early menopause or issues with ovulation, poor diet, and stress, some diseases and old age can cause infertility issues.

Infertility Symptoms

The infertility symptoms for women include irregular menstruation, dark or pale period blood, hormonal changes, medical conditions like PCOS, damage to ovaries or Fallopian tubes, obesity, difficulty in conceiving.

For men, the symptoms can be a hormonal defect, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problem, issues with testicles, obesity, etc. Smoking, drinking, drug use, poor diet, etc. can affect fertility too.

Requirements for a successful pregnancy

The female partner must release one healthy egg from her ovaries, and the man must produce healthy sperm that is ready for fertilization.

Higher sperm count means a higher chance of pregnancy. Normally, 40-300 million sperm per milliliter is enough to cause pregnancy.


If you are suffering from infertility issues, you should immediately visit the doctor. Men can be tested through semen analysis, hormone test, genetic tests, testicular biopsy, etc. for infertility. Women can be tested for infertility through ovulation tests, ovarian reserve tests, hormone tests, ultrasound imaging, etc.

The doctor will give you treatment according to your issue. However, if you still cannot conceive, you can opt for IVF or ICSI treatment. You can get a donor’s egg or donor’s sperm for fertilization. You can hire a surrogate mother to carry the child also.

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