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We understand that your health is paramount, and we make sure to provide you with all the essential care you need to enhance your well-being. PunyaHealth brings to you, super-speciality care for a wide range of health services.

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Every 8 minutes, 1 woman dies of cancer in India. That’s how worse the situation is today regarding cancer. It is essential to increase the awareness of cancer in women and enhance the availability of medical facilities. PunyaHealth lends its helping hand by bringing in proficient oncologists at your service.

Different types of cancer affecting women

When it comes to the types of cancer in women, there are plenty of most prominent names. We all know that cervical cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women that develops in the cervix cells. Breast and ovarian cancer are also widely increasing in women. It is high time that women should start acknowledging the need for understanding their body and safeguard their health from such life-threatening issues. Apart from these cancer types, lung and throat cancer are also quite common in women. It is vital to get the right care from a proficient oncologist before things start worsening.

Why is it necessary to stay aware?

7 out of 10 women aren’t aware of the signs of breast cancer that further worsen the situation. That’s the reason lack of awareness seems frightening. It is essential to spread awareness of cancer in women as much as possible in order to keep things under control. The number of cancer cases in women is skyrocketing; spreading awareness and the right services is a little contribution to make things better.

How can PunyaHealth help?

PunyaHealth will provide you with the best oncologists with whom you can consult your issues and let out your apprehensions regarding cancer. Apart from online consultation, PunyaHealth will also offer insights regarding cancer through various resources.

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